Ulrik Thorgrim

Dwarf. Artificer. Best-in-the-World.


A sturdy dwarf standing just over 4 feet tall with sandy blond hair and a beard to match. Ulrik has auburn eyes which are usually hidden beneath his worn leather goggles that are always fashioned to his head in one way or another. He wears a brown long coat over his chain armor and carries around a large sack, which appears to be nothing more than a trash can. Objects, gizmos, and gadgets seem to clank around and fall out as the dwarf stomps along. Ulrik is not without his weapons, however. He carries a crossbow and a battleaxe, as well as a few other makeshift items that are not easily identifiable, but make some big booms!


Ulrik thorgrim1

Ulrik thorgrim2

Ulrik Thorgrim

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