Mordius Khar

Quick to fight and quick to lose. This unstable mage has a short fuse and not enough magical prowess to back up his bluster.


Slender built with white hair and blue eyes, Mordius is a stunning creature that stands three inches the wrong way of six feet. Only the slightly dusty hue of his skin and hollow eyes betray his playful appearance with a being lost in inner turmoil.

The dirt on his hands, a bad habitat acquired during youth, help hide the inch long finger nails routinely used as razor sharp claws.

While Mordius is easy on the eyes, his personality is just the opposite: hostile.


Raised by his widowed mother on the pirate island of Calm Water, Mordius led a hard and bitter life as the only half-elf on an island whose only profession was piracy. By working in a slum tavern near the docks, the Two-faced Inn, Mordius and his mother managed to crawl through life with food, meager clothing, and few pleasantries—at least until his mother’s untimely death just two days before Mordius’ eighteenth birthday. The savage conditions of their home led to his mother’s death from Coral Rot—a flesh eating disease caused by parasites from the Coral Deep. Only the poorest die from such a diease—one that can easily be prevented with proper hygiene and unspoiled food.

In despair, Mordius quickly left the island by signing up for service on the newly completed pirate ship Agriton. Captained by the Pirate King Eismann, Agriton was billed as the greatest sea vessel of its time.

Mordius Khar

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